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STEAM Fluidgrowers Water Garden Fish Tank 2.0 11L

Product Code: 8828008

$214.00 inc GST
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The STEAM Fluidgrower Water Garden Fish Tank is a great educational product, as it is a closed-loop, self cleaning ecosystem. It contains an 11 litre fish tank and comes ready to grow, allowing you to keep a small fish in the bottom while growing fresh organic herbs on the top. Simply add water and a fish - the fish waste will naturally fertilise the plants above, while the plants clean the water for the fish.

  • Closed-loop, self cleaning ecosystem
  • Features 11 litre fish tank and comes ready to grow herbs on the top
  • Fish waste will fertilise plants above and plants will clean water for fish
  • Simply add water and a small pet fish
  • Ideal for STEAM learning
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