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Kapinara Primary School, City Beach, WA

2 Catesby Street, CITY BEACH 6015 08 9385 9022
Your school is pleased to be in partnership with OfficeMax and Winc to deliver your books and resources. We hope that you will find the experience as straightforward as possible. Please make sure to only purchase those resources you need, depending on subject or class choice. If you do not require a resource don’t forget to use the rubbish bin on the right hand side of the screen to remove the item.

Note from your school:

You are able to pay the School and/or P&C Voluntary Contributions, as well as the ON-LINE LEARNING charge when placing your order with OfficeMax and Winc. These payments will be forwarded to Kapinara Primary School on your behalf.

Students return to school on Monday 4 February 2019.

Dear Customers, please be advised school contributions/charges can no longer be purchased through OfficeMax Winc and will now need to be paid direct to your school.

Kind Regards OfficeMax Winc Back to School Team

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