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About OfficeMax and Winc

Two of the largest education suppliers, OfficeMax and Winc, have come together to help you and your school develop the brightest minds of Australia’s future. Drawing on our heritage of trusted relationships and education expertise, we are able to combine our national resources, large scale buying power and vendor network to bring an unparalleled offer to the education sector.

As one of Australia’s most experienced single source education suppliers, we provide everything your school and parent community needs. From art and craft supplies to technology and STEAM equipment, we’ll keep you stocked up from the classroom to the staffroom all year round.

We exist to help schools by providing the tools and guidance needed to navigate the world of education and inspire creativity, collaboration and participation, at every stage of education. For 45 years, OfficeMax and Winc have proudly supported Australian teachers and schools in their quest to deliver exceptional education.

As a trusted supplier for thousands of schools around Australia, OfficeMax and Winc’s dedicated team of Education Specialists are always at your fingertips to help with your sourcing; freeing you to focus on what matters most.