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Definitions to help you understand OfficeMax eBooks

Username: Your school domain email address that has been registered as your OfficeMax eBooks powered by ReadCloud log in (In your activation email).

Password: If you're new to OfficeMax eBooks, this is provided near the top of your activation email. If you have an existing account then re-use the password used to log in to your account last year, or click the 'forgot password' link on the log in page of the app.

Cloud: Sections within the OfficeMax eBooks powered by ReadCloud app that sort eBooks into categories, denoted by a small cloud icon and a text description of the 'cloud' name.

Tile: This is the icon for each eBook, often it will be the eBook front cover and can be referred to as a thumbnail image.

Publisher: The publishing company of your eBooks and textbooks. E.g: Pearson, Jacaranda, Oxford, Cambridge, MacMillan etc...

PDF or ePub: This is the offline version of your eBook. Once it is downloaded it can be accessed at any time.

Device: Your computer, laptop, tablet or handheld piece of equipment used to access OfficeMax eBooks powered by ReadCloud.