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How do I activate my eBooks from Patterson Education?

For eBooks from “Patterson Education” please follow the below instructions:

    1. For your online subscription from Patterson Education please click the tile labelled "Step Up In Education" located under the "My Interactive Logins" cloud. This will open a prompt box for you to input your own publisher account details.
      1. If you don't have an account with Patterson Education, click/tap 'cancel' and you will be redirected to their webpage where you can register for an account using your school domain email address by clicking "Activate a Digital Code" at the top of the page and selecting the series of your product then following the publishers registration process without including any payment information.
      2. If you do already have an account with Patterson Education but don't remember your password, go to their homepage and click/tap "Log In" and then "forgot password" to have an instructional email sent to your school email address with steps to reset your password.


Please note: As this site initially requests your access code when creating your account, the content will have automatically been populated to your online bookshelf. 

    1. Once you have completed the publisher registration process, and have your username and password, exit back to the home page of the app and click/tap the "Step Up In Education" tile.
    2. Enter your username and password when prompted, your specific account details have now been saved inside the app.
    3. If you purchased multiple eBooks from Patterson Education or if you already had an account, please locate and click/tap the "Activate a Digital Code" button near the top of the page, select the series of product your code relates to then enter your access code(s) in the box presented and click "Apply Digital Code" to unlock your digital subscription.
    4. For future access to your online interactive Patterson Education subscription(s), click/tap the "Step Up In Education" tile and then the "My Subjects" tab to display your purchased content.