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How do I use my Pearson Reactivation Code?

For instructions on how to use your “Pearson Reactivation Code” please follow the below instructions:
Please note: You must have purchased a second hand physical textbook in order to use a reactivation code. 

    1. For eBook Reactivations from Pearson please click/tap the tile labelled "Pearson Places" located in the "My Interactive Logins" cloud. This will open a prompt box for you to input your publisher account details.
      1. If you don’t have an account with Pearson, click/tap cancel to be redirected to their webpage where you can create one using your school email address.
    2. When you have your username and password please re-click/tap the “Pearson Places” tile and when prompted and enter your login details. Your account details have now been saved inside the app.
    3. Your account will open and display your bookshelf, please locate the “Enter access code” option on the top right and enter the access code from inside your second hand textbook, followed by the access code located in your activation email, your product is now available for use.
    4. For future access to your online interactive Pearson eBook(s), click/tap the "Pearson Places" tile and your online bookshelf will open.


You will also have the offline copy (downloadable PDF version) available on your OfficeMax eBooks bookshelf in the "My Purchases" cloud. Click/tap the tile with the thumbnail image of this eBook to download. Once downloaded it will be accessible at any time.