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My order hasn’t arrived by the Guaranteed Delivery date

Apologies for the delay. If you placed your order on or before 1 December and haven’t received your order, you should have already received an email from us advising that your anticipated delivery date has moved from 31 December to mid-January. This is due to some items arriving later than expected from our suppliers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay and are working to ensure your child receives their goods well ahead of the new school year. When your order is ready for delivery, you will receive an email from Australia Post with a reference number so you can track your delivery.

If you placed your order between 2 December and 31 December, you will receive your order before the start of Term 1.

If you placed your order after 31 December, we unfortunately cannot guarantee delivery before school returns.

If your delivery has not been delivered within the dates specified above, please use our contact form or call 1800 004 427 Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm AEST.