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Back to School. Delivered your way.

We’re excited for not only a new year of fresh faces and enthusiastic young minds, but also for the opportunity to partner with you to deliver your Back to School requirements.

At OfficeMax and Winc, we want you and your students to have a strong start to the new year. That’s why we’re there every step of the way to help you select the right solution for your school; freeing you to focus on what matters most. You can rely on our dedicated team of School Specialists who are at the ready to take the pressure off during the Back to School rush.

Our Back to School program is supported by 45 years of experience and encompasses over 1,000 hand-picked products spanning categories such as textbooks and STEAM equipment; meaning fewer orders and deliveries to manage.

Choose from bulk ordering, standard or customised packs to deliver the Back to School program right for your school and parent community, all supported by our bespoke Back to School ordering platforms.

Our dedicated Customer Support team are always at the ready to help with your Back to School requirements. Please reach out on 1800 004 427 should you require assistance.